BUK School Fees 2024/2025 [Acceptance & Other fees]

BUK School Fees 2024/2025 [New & Returning Students]

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This is to inform the public that the Bayero University Kano BUK Management has released the school fees schedule for the 2024/2025 academic session for the Freshers/New and Returning Students. As it is very important for candidates to know the Cut Off Mark for his/her course, so also it is very important to know the institution’s School Fees schedule.

Bayero University Kano BUK School Fees 2024/2025

The table below shows the detailed schedule of Bayero University Kano School fees for all courses offered at BUK.

The School Fees schedule for the 2024/2025 academic session in the table shows the Fees payable for the new and returning students. Just take your time to study the table! But before we go to the table, this is for the freshers! Before you pay school fees you must first pay the acceptance fee.

BUK Acceptance Fee 2024/2025

As a first-year student/fresher, you must pay an Acceptance fee to the institution whether it is a university or a polytechnic, or even college indicating that you have accepted the course.

If you have been offered admission into the Bayero University Kano BUK, you will be required to pay an acceptance fee before any other fees. This fee has a deadline, and if you do not meet it, you are at risk of losing your admission.

So, the question now is: How much is the Bayero University Kano BUK acceptance fee for the 2024/2025 academic session?

How Much is BUK Acceptance Fee for the 2024/2025 Academic Session

The Bayero University Kano BUK acceptance fee for the 2024/2025 academic session is N5,000.00 (Five thousand naira only). The acceptance fee is the same for all departments and faculties.

Once you pay this BUK acceptance fee of N5,000, you will be required to pay other charges like school fees, accomodation fee and others, so get yourself prepared for all these miscellaneous expenses.

How Much is BUK School Fees for Freshers for the 2024/2025 Academic Session

(Level 100 UTME)
(Level 200 DE)
(For Non-Nigerians)
1B. (Ed) Science & Technical Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
2B.A. (Ed)₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
3B.A. (Ed) Adult Education and Community Services₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
4B.A. (Ed) Arabic₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
5B.A. (Ed) Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
6B.A. (Ed) English₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
7B.A. (Ed) French₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
8B.A. (Ed) Geography₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
9B.A. (Ed) Hausa₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
10B.A. (Ed) History₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
11B.A. (Ed) Islamic Studies₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
12B.A. (Ed) Special Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
13B.A. Arabic₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
14B.A. Arts Combined₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
15B.A. English₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
16B.A. French₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
17B.A. Hausa₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
18B.A. History₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
19B.A. Islamic Studies₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
20B.A. Linguistics₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
21B.A. Theatre and Performing Arts₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
22B.A/B.Sc. Library and Information Science₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
23B. Agric Economics and Extension₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
24B. Agriculture₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
25B. Dental Surgery₦42,500₦43,500₦39,500₦300,000
26B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
27B.Eng. Chemical Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
28B.Eng. Civil Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
29B.Eng. Computer Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
30B.Eng. Electrical Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
31B.Eng. Irrigation Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
32B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
33B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
34B.Eng. Petroleum Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
35B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
36B. Fisheries and Aquaculture₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
37B. Food Science and Technology₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
38B. Forestry and Wildlife Management₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
39B. Medical Laboratory Science₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500₦300,000
40B. Nursing₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500₦300,000
41B. Physiotherapy₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500₦300,000
42B. Radiography₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500₦300,000
43B.Sc. (Ed)₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
44B.Sc. (Ed) Adult Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
45B.Sc. (Ed) Agriculture₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
46B.Sc. (Ed) Applied Biology₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
47B.Sc. (Ed) Biology₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
48B.Sc. (Ed) Chemistry₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
49B.Sc. (Ed) Economics₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
50B.Sc. (Ed) Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
51B.Sc. (Ed) Geography₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
52B.Sc. (Ed) Geography (STE)₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
53B.Sc. (Ed) Health Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
54B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
55B.Sc. (Ed) Physical Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
56B.Sc. (Ed) Physical and Health Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
57B.Sc. (Ed) Physics₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
58B.Sc. (Ed) Science₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
59B.Sc. Accounting₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
60B.Sc. Agricultural Extension (SAFE Programme)₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
61B.Sc. Anatomy₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦300,000
62B.Sc. Applied Biology₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
63B.Sc. Architecture₦41,500₦42,500₦37,500₦200,000
64B.Sc. Banking and Finance₦35,500₦36,500₦32,500₦100,000
65B.Sc. Biochemistry₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦300,000
66B.Sc. Biology₦36,300₦37,300₦33,300₦100,000
67B.Sc. Botany₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
68B.Sc. Business Administration₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
69B.Sc. Chemistry₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
70B.Sc. Computer Science₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
71B.Sc. Computer Science/Economics₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
72B.Sc. Criminology₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
73B.Sc. Cyber Security₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
74B.Sc. Economics₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
75B.Sc. Electronics with Physics₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
76B.Sc. Entrepreneurship₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
77B.Sc. Environmental Management₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
78B.Sc. Estate Management₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
79B.Sc. Geography₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
80B.Sc. Geography (Science)₦36,300₦37,300₦33,300₦100,000
81B.Sc. Geology₦41,500₦42,500₦37,500₦200,000
82B.Sc. Human Physiology₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦300,000
83B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
84B.Sc. Information Technology₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
85B.Sc. Information and Media Studies₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
86B.Sc. International Relations₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
87B.Sc. Mass Communication₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
88B.Sc. Mathematics₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
89B.Sc. Microbiology₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
90B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦300,000
91B.Sc. Physics₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
92B.Sc. Physics with Electronics₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
93B.Sc. Political Science₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
94B.Sc. Public Administration₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
95B.Sc. Quantity Surveying₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
96B.Sc. Sociology₦33,500₦34,500₦30,500₦100,000
97B.Sc. Software Engineering₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
98B.Sc. Statistics₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
99B.Sc. Zoology₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦200,000
100B. Technology Education₦36,500₦37,500₦33,500₦200,000
101B. Urban and Regional Planning₦41,500₦42,500₦37,500₦200,000
102Doctor of Optometry₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500₦300,000
103Doctor of Pharmacy₦37,500₦38,500₦34,500₦300,000

How To Pay BUK Acceptance Fees

To pay BUK Acceptance Fees, follow the simple guidelines below;

  1. Step 1: (Collection of Admission Letter): Make sure you have collected your admission letter.
  2. Step 2: (Remita Website): Visit the Remita Payment Platform website at www.remita.net
  3. Step 3: Select “Pay A Federal Government Agency”
  4. Step 4: On the “Name of MDA” start typing Bayero and a drop down will be shown, make sure you select BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129
  5. Step 5: After selecting Name of MDA as BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129 a drop down box for the Name of Service/Purpose, make sure you select UG ACCEPTANCE FEE:
  6. Step 6: After selecting UG ACCEPTANCE FEE as the Name of Service/Purpose, the amount of N5000.00 will automatically be added. You need to enter your JAMB No., Payer’s Full Name, Payer’s Email and Payer’s Phone.

Please note that all the information to be entered should be that of the applicant, even if he/she is not the one personally making the payment.

  1. Step 7: Make sure all the information entered is correct. After confirming all entries are correct, click on Proceed to Payment Button.
  2. Step 8: Your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) is generated, print your Remita invoice:
  3. Step 9: You are to use the Remita Invoice and take it to any bank to make payment. Please note that using Remita you can pay anywhere at any bank, you can also use electronic channels to make payments.
  4. Step 10: After making payment, you can go back to remita.net to print your Remita Payment Receipt. The payment receipt looks like the figure below:
  5. Step 11: You are to take the Remita Receipt and the Bank teller (if payment was made at the bank) to the Academic Office Bayero University, Kano for Screening.

BUK Hostel Accommodation Fee 2022

The Bayero University Kano BUK Hostel Accommodation Fee for Postgraduate Nigerian Students with Mattress and Bed is N25,150. BUK Hostel Accommodation Fee for Undergraduates Nigerian Students is N20,090. BUK Hostel Accommodation Fee for Students Collecting only Bed Space without a Mattress is N12,090.

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