Do JAMB Repeat Question Every Year

Do Jamb repeat questions every year? – Are you preparing for jamb and you want to know if jamb repeats questions every year? Then this blog post is for you and you need to read the article from beginning to the end to have better understanding about repeated questions. 

The importance of JAMB cannot be overemphasized as it is the gateway to higher education in Nigeria. The JAMB examination structure comprises four subjects, which are English language, Mathematics, and any two relevant subjects to the intended course of study.

In this article we will explore the phrase “Do Jamb repeat questions every year” and how to know some twisted questions.

JAMB Structure

JAMB comprises different types of questions, including multiple-choice questions, essay questions, and fill-in-the-gap questions. Each question carries a mark, and the total score is 400. The grading system of JAMB is based on the number of correct answers a candidate provides. The duration of the examination is three hours, and candidates are expected to answer 180 questions within the given time frame. The examination guidelines are strict, and candidates are expected to abide by them to avoid disqualification.

Do JAMB Repeat Questions Every Year?

Yes, Jamb repeats questions every year and the reason for that is that the jamb syllabus for some questions has not changed since the day jamb was created. The JAMB question bank contains thousands of questions that have been set over more than 3 decades, and there is a possibility that some questions may be repeated. 

However, JAMB repeats the same questions year after year. The examination body ensures that the questions look different to confuse students by twisting questions every year to avoid cheating and to test the candidates’ knowledge.

An analysis of past JAMB questions shows that some questions may have similarities. JAMB ensures that the questions are twisted but cover similar topics to test the candidates’ understanding of the subject matter. Therefore, it is important for JAMB candidates to study past questions and answers to have a better understanding of the subject matter and to be better prepared for the examination.

Ways to Prepare for JAMB Examination

To prepare for the JAMB examination, candidates should study past questions and answers, use study materials, attend tutorials, and engage in self-study. 

Past questions and answers are an excellent way to understand the examination structure, and it helps candidates to identify topics that are frequently tested. Study materials such as textbooks, videos, and audio recordings are also helpful in preparing for the JAMB examination. 

Tutorials provide an opportunity for candidates to interact with teachers and fellow students and to learn from their experiences. Self-study is also important as it helps candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to focus on areas that require improvement.


In conclusion, JAMB is a critical examination body in Nigeria, and it is important for candidates to understand the examination structure and prepare adequately. While JAMB may repeat some questions, it is not a guarantee, and candidates should not rely solely on past questions and answers. 

Candidates should study extensively and understand the subject matter to perform well in the examination. JAMB’s credibility is crucial, and the examination body should continue to ensure that the examination is fair and competitive.

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