Ecobank Transfer Code – List of Ecobank USSD Codes

Ecobank Transfer Code: Do you have an Ecobank account? If so, you must have heard of the Ecobank USSD code! If you don’t know it, you are missing out on stress-free banking! 

Ecobank Transfer Code

Well, if you don’t know what the Ecobank USSD code is or you have probably forgotten what it is, you will be taken through everything you need to know about the Ecobank code here on

Below are what this article will talk about;

  • Ecobank Code
  • Ecobank Transfer Code
  • List of all Ecobank USSD Codes
  • Ecobank Transfer Code to other bank
  • Ecobank code to check balance, for account number, to transfer money, for loan, to buy airtime, for bvn, to block atm card, to transfer data.
  • How to register Ecobank USSD code
  • How to register Ecobank code without ATM card
  • Benefits and features of Ecobank USSD codes
  • Requirements to activate Ecobank USSD code
  • how to get a 5-digit pin for Ecobank transfer
  • how to block and unblock my Ecobank USSD code

What is Ecobank Transfer Code

The Ecobank Transfer code is *326#. This is Ecobank’s official banking code. You can use this code to perform a variety of transactions and operations without having to visit the bank. However, before you can use this code, you must first register.

Ecobank has remained committed to empowering the Nigerian populace with the *326# Quick Banking service as part of its financial inclusion drive. The service is set to deliver power to banks anywhere and at any time. It is quick, convenient, and easy to use and beneficiary accounts are credited instantly with alert notifications.

The *326# USSD service makes banking services available across all GSM networks, on any type of handset or device; iPhone, Android, blackberry, and even simple feature phones famously referred to in Nigerian lingo as ‘kpalasa’. It requires no internet service connection and can be used in remote locations across Nigeria. This USSD service is delivered on the customers’ registered phone numbers linked to their Ecobank accounts.

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Requirements to Activate Ecobank Transfer Code

The following are the things you need to activate Ecobank USSD code;

  • Ecobank account: You need to have an Ecobank account.
  • Debit card: an active debit card linked to your account.
  • Phone number: also you must have a phone number that has been linked to your account.
  • Mobile phone (browsing phone or not).

How to Activate Ecobank Transfer Code

To be able to use Ecobank transfer code, you need to activate/register first. To register for the transfer code, follow the simple steps below;

  • Dial *326#
  • Select Create PIN
  • Enter your Ecobank Account as requested
  • Enter your debit card details
  • Create a 4-digit PIN
  • Confirm your 4-digit PIN

List of Ecobank USSD Codes

  • Ecobank code to check balance – *326*0#
  • Ecobank code for account number: *326#
  • Ecobank code for transfer of money to Ecobank – *326#
  • Ecobank code for transfer of money to other bank – *326#
  • Ecobank code to buy airtime for self – *326*Amount#
  • Ecobank code to buy airtime for others – *326*Amount*PhoneNumber#
  • Ecobank code for loan – *326#
  • Ecobank code for checking BVN – *565*0#
  • Account Opening – *326#
  • Bill Payment – *326#

The daily maximum transfer limit using the USSD code is N100,000 (N20,000 per transaction) while for airtime recharge the daily maximum limit is N20,000.

How to Block Ecobank USSD Code

Simply dial *326*911# from any line, then enter the phone number (linked with your bank account) you want to deactivate, and that’s it.

How to Unblock Ecobank Transfer code

To unblock the Ecobank USSD code, you will need to visit any Ecobank branch near you.

How can I transfer money from Ecobank to another bank?

Dial *326# on the mobile phone number you used to open your Ecobank account. You will select the bank type, bank account and enter your pin for the transfer to be authenticated with the pin of your USSD transaction.

How do I get my Ecobank mobile transfer pin?

You have forgotten your PIN. You can reset it by clicking on the Forgot PIN link on the Mobile App, then click on call now for the contact center to reset your PIN.

How do I use Ecobank cardless?

Simply locate any Ecobank ATM around you, and make cardless withdrawals with just a code. Generate your e-token via *326# or Ecobank Mobile and make easy, cardless withdrawals at any Ecobank ATM or Xpress Point.

How can I transfer money from Ecobank without ATM card?

In Nigeria and most other countries, it is *326#. Follow the on-screen instructions to generate a one-time Xpress Cash e-token for the desired amount. Find an Ecobank ATM and select the “Cardless Withdrawal” option. Enter the e-token number you’ve generated on your phone.

How can I use Ecobank Xpress account?

Simply download the all new Ecobank Mobile App, punch in your details and in an instant you could be sending money, paying bills or buying airtime credit – all from your mobile.

How do I borrow money from Ecobank?

  • Request a loan at any of their locations near you. You can also use the Ecobank branch locator to discover the closest Ecobank branch to your location.
  • You can access Ecobank’s banking system by dialing *326#, which is the Ecobank’s immediate rapid loan code.

A little About the Ecobank

Ecobank, whose official name is Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI), is a pan-African banking conglomerate, with banking operations in 36 African countries. It is the leading independent regional banking group in West Africa and Central Africa, serving wholesale and retail customers. It also maintains subsidiaries in Eastern and Southern Africa. ETI has representative offices in Angola, China, Dubai, France, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

ETI, a public limited liability company, was established as a bank holding company in 1985 under a private sector initiative spearheaded by the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). In the early 1980s the banking industry in West Africa was dominated by foreign and state-owned banks. There were hardly any commercial banks in West Africa owned and managed by the African private sector. ETI was founded with the objective of filling this vacuum.

The Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce promoted and initiated a project for the creation of a private regional banking institution in West Africa. In 1984, Ecopromotions S.A. was incorporated. Its founding shareholders raised the seed capital for the feasibility studies and the promotional activities leading to the creation of ETI.

In October 1985, ETI was incorporated with an authorized capital of US$100 million. The initial paid up capital of US$32 million was raised from over 1,500 individuals and institutions from West African countries. The largest shareholder was the ECOWAS Fund for Cooperation, Compensation and Development (ECOWAS Fund), the development finance arm of ECOWAS. A Headquarters’ Agreement was signed with the government of Togo in 1985 which granted ETI the status of an international organization with the rights and privileges necessary for it to operate as a regional institution, including the status of a non-resident financial institution.

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Conclusion on Ecobank Transfer Code

The Ecobank transfer code is *326# and it can be used to perform various transactions on your account without you having to go through the stress of going to the bank. You can recharge your line and that of your friends and families with you just typing on your phone, you can send money from your account to your loved ones, you can check your account balance, and so on.

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