Harvard University Scholarships for International Students 2024-2024

Harvard University Scholarship: Opportunity they say comes but once! I am thrilled to bring to your notice that the Harvard University Scholarship invites applications from students from all over the world to continue their education at Harvard University for free! It is understandable that applying for a scholarship can be stressful and time consuming but this particular scholarship is worth a try! This may be your time! 

Harvard University Scholarships for International Students

In this article, everything about Harvard University Scholarships and step by step guide on how you can apply for these scholarships. So, slowly read this article through and follow the exact guide so as not to make any mistake while applying for the scholarships.

About Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1636 as Harvard College and named for its first benefactor, the Puritan clergyman John Harvard, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and one of the most prestigious and highly ranked universities in the world.

The university is composed of ten academic faculties plus Harvard Radcliffe Institute. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers study in a wide range of undergraduate and graduate academic disciplines, and other faculties offer only graduate degrees, including professional degrees. Harvard has three main campuses: the 209-acre (85 ha) Cambridge campus centered on Harvard Yard; an adjoining campus immediately across Charles River in the Allston neighborhood of Boston; and the medical campus in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area. Harvard’s endowment is valued at $50.9 billion, making it the wealthiest academic institution in the world. Endowment income enables the undergraduate college to admit students regardless of financial need and provide generous financial aid with no loans. Harvard Library is the world’s largest academic library system, comprising 79 individual libraries holding 20 million items.

Harvard’s founding was authorized by the Massachusetts colonial legislature, “dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust”; though never formally affiliated with any denomination, in its early years Harvard College primarily trained Congregational clergy. Its curriculum and student body were gradually secularized during the 18th century. By the 19th century, Harvard emerged as the most prominent academic and cultural institution among the Boston elite. Following the American Civil War, under President Charles William Eliot’s long tenure (1869–1909), the college developed multiple affiliated professional schools that transformed the college into a modern research university. In 1900, Harvard co-founded the Association of American Universities. James B. Conant led the university through the Great Depression and World War II, and liberalized admissions after the war. 

This is the farthest we can go about Harvard University. However, if you need to learn more about the University, simply click on this link.

About Harvard University Scholarships Program

You might find it interesting to know that Ann Radcliffe and Lady Molson gave a gift in 1643 to establish the first Harvard scholarship fund.

Since then, the program has benefited numerous students from all over the world. Your chances of being admitted to the university won’t be affected by your financial situation in any way.

This is so that the institution can focus solely on your originality and capacity to improve the world. The administration will pay your entire tuition as soon as it is confirmed that you have won one of the university’s fellowship or scholarship programs.

It’s essential to know that both of the aforementioned financial aid programs pay for all tuition costs as well as a few other unforeseen expenses.

It’s interesting to note that you have a good chance of benefiting from at least a scholarship program because it’s estimated that more than 70% of Harvard students receive financial support from one of these schemes.

As was previously mentioned, the university ensures that there is equality among all students, so both international and US citizens must fulfill the same requirements in order to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Okay, before we dive into the list of Harvard University Scholarships available and their application process, let’s quickly look at the list of courses available and admission requirements for the undergraduate courses and graduate courses.

List of Undergraduate Courses at Harvard University

  1. African and African American Studies
  2. Anthropology
  3. Applied Mathematics
  4. Applied Mathematics (including secondary field)
  5. Astrophysics
  6. Bioengineering
  7. Biomedical Engineering
  8. Chemical and Physical Biology
  9. Chemistry
  10. Chemistry and Physics
  11. Classics
  12. Computer Science
  13. Computer Science (including secondary field)
  14. Earth and Planetary Sciences
  15. East Asian Studies
  16. Economics
  17. Engineering Sciences
  18. Engineering Sciences (5 tracks, including ABET-accredited S.B.)
  19. English
  20. Environmental Science and Public Policy)
  21. Folklore and Mythology
  22. Germanic Languages and Literatures
  23. Government
  24. History
  25. History and Literature
  26. History and Science
  27. History of Art and Architecture
  28. Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
  29. Human Evolutionary Biology
  30. Linguistics
  31. Literature
  32. Mathematics
  33. Molecular and Cellular Biology
  34. Music
  35. Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
  36. Neurobiology
  37. Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
  38. Philosophy
  39. Physics
  40. Psychology
  41. Religion, Comparative Studies
  42. Romance Languages and Literatures
  43. Sanskrit and Indian Studies
  44. Slavic Languages and Literatures
  45. Social Studies
  46. Sociology
  47. Special Concentrations
  48. Statistics
  49. Visual and Environmental Studies
  50. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Harvard University Undergraduate Admission Process

Because there are so many documents to sign, the undergraduate admissions process is thought to be the most stressful of the three.

Fortunately, we have simplified things for you. Simply click on this link to start the admission registration process..

Harvard University Undergraduate Admission Requirements

  • The SAT or ACT with Writing.
  • Two Subject Tests.

Please take note that you are not permitted to select mathematics for either of your two subject exams because it does not satisfy the requirement.

To increase your chances of being accepted, the testing agency should officially submit your combined score on the two subject exams to the Harvard admissions committee.

In order to avoid “rush reporting,” it is advised that you submit your two subject test results as well as your ACT or SAT score in October.

List of Graduate Courses Available at Harvard University

The following courses are the post graduate courses available at Harvard University;

  1. Advanced Graduate Education
  2. Anthropology
  3. Architecture
  4. Immunology
  5. Applied Mathematics
  6. Astronomy
  7. Biology
  8. Landscape Architecture
  9. Applied Math
  10. African and African-American studies
  11. Urban Planning

List of graduate courses available at Harvard University is more than 100. So, we listed a few here and if you are interested in viewing all the courses, simply click here.

Graduate Admission Process

Although there are fewer documents you still need to sign, the graduate admissions process is a little simpler than the undergraduate program.

Like other renowned institutions around the world, Harvard University is made up of a number of graduate schools.

Determining which one best suits your career path is therefore advised. The complete list of all Harvard graduate programs is provided below.

Click on any of the graduate schools above to learn more about it and how you can successfully apply.

List of Doctoral Program Courses Available at Harvard University

  1. PhD in Social Policy
  2. Doctor of Design
  3. PhD in Political Economy & Government.
  4. Doctor of Philosophy
  5. Doctor of Theology
  6. PhD in Public Policy
  7. Doctor of Education
  8. Doctor of Education Leadership.
  9. Doctor of Juridical Science

Doctoral Admission Process

The final section of this section represents the highest level of education you can receive from Harvard University.

The Doctoral program is open to national and international students who meet the requirements, just like the first two categories.

You might find it interesting to know that undergraduate students who are in their final year are eligible to apply for the doctoral program because university administrators have given them permission to do so.

Requirements for Doctoral Admission

The following criterion is a must for everyone who is hoping to gain admission into Harvard University for his or her doctoral program.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • A well written Resume
  • All university degrees and courses transcripts (official transcripts is compulsory if you’re going for PhD programs while Self-reported transcripts is acceptable if you going for DBA programs)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • All transcripts must be uploaded to the online application system.
  • GMAT or GRE, and TOEFL scores are extremely important and must be submitted via the online application system.
  • Three letters of recommendation from bona-fide academic sources must be submitted through the online portal. Note that hard copies of the recommended letters are unacceptable.
  • You are expected to pay a sum of $105 through your credit card as an application fee.

Now that you have seen the list of courses available at Harvard University and the admission requirements, let’s move on to the list of available Scholarships at Harvard University. 

Harvard University Scholarships for International Students 2024-2024

  1. Harvard University Environmental Fellowship

Firstly, let’s talk about this breathtaking fellowship that offers students the chance to be placed on a $66,000 annual salary.

It also covers at least $2500 from all your traveling and other course-related expenses. You will equally be a beneficiary from Harvard’s health insurance program as soon as your application is accepted.

However, it is only open to students engaged in Environment-related courses such as Toxicology, environmental biology among others.

Harvard University Environmental Fellowship Requirements

  • It’s available to all students whether citizens or not.

Indeed, there is no special requirement except studying environment-related courses. To be a part of this scholarship, you should endeavor to visit the program’s official page.

  1. Harvard University Undergraduate Scholarship

Just as the name implies, this scholarship is meant for undergraduate students ONLY. It has no regard for a student’s origin as both citizens and international students are liable to receive the same amount of financial aid.

Nonetheless, students who are in dire need of financial help are advised to apply for this program because they stand a better chance of being chosen.

Through this scholarship program, successful applicants will receive at least $12,000 annually for four years.

Harvard University Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements

  • You must be an undergraduate
  • You be a newly enrolled student
  • You must possess documents that reveal your urgent need for financial aid. Click here to begin your application process.
  1. Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellowships

This is a fellowship program created for the benefit of students in the postdoctoral category. Organized by the ‘The Korea Institute at Harvard University’, this scholarship is aimed at helping Ph.D. students carry out their research without financial constraints.

Though the University’s financial aid department doesn’t have a say on how the money is being disbursed to qualified students, it is still believed that the management of the institution supported the initiative.

With this scholarship, a qualified candidate will have the chance of getting $50,000 to boost his career.

Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellowships Requirements

  • You must be involved in the University’s PhD program.
  • An undertaking that your PhD program will be completed in five years.
  • Do you have much interest in this scholarship and you possess the two criteria listed above? Then, follow this link to kickstart your application process.
  1. Harvard University Life Science Scholarship

Harvard University Life Science Scholarship is offering you the opportunity to benefit from the University’s Blavatnik Fellowship in Life Science Entrepreneurship.

You have all the rights to enjoy this fellowship program as long as you meet all the requirements. Talking of the requirements, one of them is that you must be a HBS MBA Alumni. This means undergraduates are automatically ruled out of this program.

The benefits you stand to enjoy from this scholarship includes a stipend worth the sum of $95,000 (monthly for twelve months), and undeniable access to working capitals in some business-related fields.

Harvard University Life Science Scholarship Requirements

You are advised to meet all of the requirements below to stand a chance:

You must be HBS MBA alumni

The space between the year of graduation and the year you are applying for this scholarship shouldn’t exceed seven years.

Do you possess the criteria discussed above? Why not apply for this lovely post-graduate scholarship today – by clicking here — to boost your business career.

  1. The Michel David-Weill Scholarship

This is definitely one of the most sought-after scholarships among Harvard students because of the huge amount of money ($80,000) involved in it.

The Michel David-Weill Scholarship is only open to fresher(s) who are just gaining admission into the citadel of learning.

Though every fresher is advised to apply for this scholarship, American citizens have better chances of being picked by the organizers.

The Michel David-Weill Scholarship Requirements

The things you must possess to stand a chance of benefitting from this program include the following:

  • Being an American citizen is a massive advantage
  • You must be an undergraduate
  • You must be ready to pursue your masters degree in science Po in France — Paris precisely. Begin your hunt for this mouth-watering scholarship today by clicking here.
  1. Harvard Population and Development Studies Fellowship

This fellowship is strictly for PhD. candidates as it is only meant for researchers in the medical industry.

Accessible to both US citizens and foreign researchers, the Harvard Population and Development Studies Fellowship is a doctoral scholarship program that allows participants to have free access to the University’s library and other research-enhancing equipments for two years.

Travel allowance, monthly sum of $60,000, and access to the institution’s health insurance system are other benefits attached to this program. It is available to both American citizens and foreign researchers (students).

Harvard Population and Development Studies Fellowship Requirements

  • The major criterion needed for this offer is that you must be a Ph. D candidate.

Meanwhile, you can visit the program’s registration portal today by clicking here.

  1. Harvard Business School Forward Fellowship (HBS Forward Fellowship)

This is another fellowship program that is being controlled by the Harvard Business School. Unlike many fellowships that are unstable and irregular, the HBS Forward Fellowship is an annual program aimed at helping the underprivileged students.

Students from poor backgrounds are the ones to benefit from this scholarship scheme, hence, not all students are eligible.

You, as a qualified applicant, could be awarded a scholarship that ranges between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on multiple circumstances.

Harvard Business School Forward Requirements

  • You must be in need of this aid as a result of some financial difficulties.
  • Evidence to show that you are from a not-too-rich family.
  • You are involved in a MBA program at the Harvard Business School

Visit the scholarship’s official website to begin your application procedures as soon as possible.

  1. Scholarship for International Students

It will interest you to know that Harvard University also gives room for some countries to award scholarships to their students studying in the institution. Some of the scholarship programs for international students are briefly discussed below:

  • Frank Boas Scholarship: This is an annual scholarship program available to a lucky Belgium or Luxembourg citizen who is in the school for his or her graduate studies.
  • Harvard University Native American Program (HUNAP) Fellowships and Grants: This one is strictly for American citizens who are in the research field.
  • Harvard Clubs of Germany: This scholarship is mainly for Germany internationals who can prove their status as eligible Harvard students. The program (which is worth 10,000 EUR) will benefit just two students. Therefore, you are advised to apply as soon as possible.
  • Fulbright Program/Institute of International Education (IIE): This is a scholarship program that will settle your tuition fee as long as your country is included in the Fulbright commission’s plans.
  • Aga Khan Scholarship: This Scholarship program is limited to a very few students who are engaged in the doctoral program.

It is only open to students, from under-developed and developing countries, who are battling some financial difficulties.

Its application process often comes up between June and July, so you are advised to be on the lookout for the next edition.

Note that this is more or less like a 50% grant and a 50% loan scholarship which you might need to pay the loan part at a stipulated time. Visit here to apply for the next edition of the scholarship program.

Wrapping up on Harvard University Scholarships for International Students 2024-2024

With this article, you should be able to see one or two Harvard University Scholarships to apply for. Again, we know applying for a scholarship can be time consuming and stressful but it is worth it. Nothing really comes free! You have to put in energy if you want to enjoy the free education overseas. 

We wish you the best in your academic endeavors.

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