How to Check MTN Number [4 Simple ways]

How to Check MTN Number [4 Simple ways]

Hello Friends! Are you looking for how to check your MTN number? If so, then you are on the right page!

Have you been searching online for the code to check your MTN number? How can I know my MTN Number? How can I check my MTN number? Keep calm! TEEZAB got you covered!

Here, I will give you four simple ways to know your MTN number! So, be calm and read through! 

Do not skip this post as every single section of this post is essential for you to know! Remember, no information is wasteful!

Most times, when we get a new MTN Sim, it is difficult to quickly memorize our numbers, or some numbers are just too difficult to memorize quickly! That is why MTN made it possible for us to check this number on our phones! 

So, without much further Ado, let’s get to the real business here! How can you know your MTN number? 

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How to Check MY MTN Number

The following are the four ways you can check your MTN number;

  1. Via MTN mobile app
  2. Via USSD code
  3. by Calling a friend
  4. by Calling the customer service

Try to read this article to the end because I will give you an additional simple way [very simple] to check your MTN number!

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How To Know Your MTN Number Using MTN Mobile App

One of the ways to know your MTN number is through the MTN mobile app! 

All you have to do is to download the app on the play store and install it on your mobile phone. After installing, launch the app and click on “Check Your Number“. This will show your MTN Number, your MTN package, and your account balance!

Simple huh? Okay, maybe you don’t want to go through the trouble of downloading the MTN mobile app or you don’t have data on your phone, here is another way! Continue reading!

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How To Know Your MTN Number Using The USSD Code

You can also check your MTN number by using the specific USSD code for this! In fact, I will call this the simplest of all because all you have to do is to simply dial a USSD Code on your phone! So, what is the USSD code?

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What is The USSD Code To Check My MTN Number?

The USSD code to check your MTN phone number is *663# or *123*1*1#. Simply dial either of these two USSD codes and your number will be displayed on your mobile phone screen.

Also, there is another way! Also, very simple! Let’s look at that as well!

Calling a Friend

Another way to check your MTN number is by calling a friend that is close to you! All you have to do is collect your friend’s phone and see the number that shows on the screen when you call him/her!

Also, simple right? Ok, what if there is no one near you that you can call? Then, the fourth way dives in!!!

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Calling the Customer Service

If you tried all the means we explained above and you still can’t get your number, then try this method!

All you have to do is to dial the MTN customer care’s code 180 and ask for your number.

FAQs about how to check MTN Number

Now, let’s discuss the frequently asked questions about the steps to check MTN number below, without any further ado, let’s get started!!!

How to Check My MTN Number?

This is usually accomplished by dialing a specific USSD code provided by the network provider. For MTN, you can dial *123*1*1# from your MTN line. You will receive an SMS with your phone number.

What is a USSD Code?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers.

Why Can’t I Check My MTN Number?

There could be several reasons why you’re unable to check your MTN number. You might have entered the USSD code incorrectly, or there might be network issues. Ensure you’re entering the right code and try again later if you’re still having issues.

How to Check My MTN Number Without Airtime?

Even without airtime, you will still be able to check your MTN number by dialing the relevant USSD code. This service is typically free and does not require you to have airtime.

How to Check MTN Number Online?

MTN does not provide an online service for checking your phone number. However, you can contact MTN’s online customer service or check their website for any updates regarding this service.

Can I Check My MTN Number on Another Phone?

No, you can’t directly check your MTN number on another phone. You would need to insert your SIM card into the other phone and then use the USSD code to check the number.

How Often Can I Check My MTN Number?

There’s no limit on how often you can check your MTN number. But, if you’re constantly forgetting your number, you might want to write it down somewhere safe for easy reference or save it on your contact list on your device.

Is There a Charge for Checking My MTN Number?

No, checking your MTN number is typically a free service offered by the MTN.

What Other Services Can I Access with USSD Codes on MTN?

MTN provides a variety of services via USSD codes, including checking your airtime balance, purchasing data bundles, accessing mobile money services, and more.


There are several ways you can get to know your MTN number but we only mention four here; by calling customer service, calling a friend, dialing the USSD code, and by using the MTN mobile app! 

Also, you can check your number by sending a “call me back” message to your friend as well!! To send a call me-back message, use the USSD code, *133#.

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I hope this post has successfully answered your question on how you can know your MTN number. 

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