How to Check 9mobile Number in Nigeria in Seconds

Check 9mobile Number

Hello Friends! Are you looking for how to check your 9mobile number? If so, then you are on the right page!

Have you been searching online for the code to check your 9mobile number? How can I know my etisalat Number? How can I check my etisalat number? Keep calm! TEEZAB got you covered!

Here, I will give you the simplest ways to know your 9mobile number! So, be calm and read through! 

Do not skip this post as every single section of this post is essential for you to know! Remember, no information is wasteful!

Most times, when we get a new 9mobile Sim, it is difficult to quickly memorize our numbers, or some numbers are just too difficult to memorize quickly! That is why 9mobile made it possible for us to check this number on our phones! 

So, without much further Ado, let’s get to the real business here! How can you know your 9mobile/etisalat number? 

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How to Check Your 9mobile Number in 2022

The following are the four ways you can check your 9mobile number;

  1. By checking 9mobile SIM pack
  2. By calling customer service
  3. Via USSD code
  4. by Calling/texting a friend


How to Check Your 9mobile Number by Checking Your SIM Pack

One of the ways to know your 9mobile number is by checking your Sim Pack! 

I consider this method the simplest and easiest way to check your Etisalat number. To do that, all you need is your 9mobile Sim Pack and look at the back of it, you will see your number written on it together with your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) number. 

There is one slight problem though! What if you have lost your sim pack because, to be very honest, that sim pack is easy to lose! This is where this second method dives in!!!

How To Know Your Etisalat Number by Calling Customer Service

All you have to do is to dial the 9mobile customer care’s code 200 and ask for your number. You just need to get a pen and a small sheet of paper to jot down the number.

Okay, you don’t like the stress of having to call customer service? Then, you can use this method below!

How to Check 9mobile Phone Number via USSD Code

You can also know your 9mobile number by using the specific USSD code for this! This one is also very simple because all you have to do is to simply dial a USSD Code on your phone and your number will appear on your screen! So, what is the USSD code to check your 9mobile phone number?

What is The USSD Code To Check 9mobile Number?

The USSD code to check your 9mobile is  phone number is *248#.

Follow the simple steps below to see your 9mobile number using USSD Code;

  1. Insert your activated 9mobile sim card into your phone
  2. Open the phone App
  3. Dial the USSD Code: *248#
  4. Within a few seconds, you will get another flash message that will have your Etisalat mobile number

Also, there is another way! Also, very simple! Let’s look at that as well!

Check Your 9mobile Number by Calling/texting a Friend

Another way to check your Etisalat number is by calling a friend that is close to you! All you have to do is collect your friend’s phone and see the number that shows on the screen when you call him/her and if your friend is not close to you, just get a pen and a sheet of paper and ask him to call it for you, then you write it down!

Simple as ABC!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Know your 9mobile/Etisalat Number

How do I check my Etisalat phone number?

What do you do in order to check your phone number on etisalat? Simply dial *123#. After that, select option 1 and send.

How do I check my 9mobile number via SMS?

Send “Please Call Me SMS to a Friend”. Simply dial *266*1*Friend’s Phone Number# on your phone dialer. Your friend will receive the message you sent and call you back and you can then ask him to call the number on his phone’s screen for you!


There are several ways you can get to know your 9mobile number but we only mention four here; By checking 9mobile SIM pack, By calling customer service, Via USSD code, by Calling/texting a friend.

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