JAMB Calculator [All You Need to Know]

JAMB Calculator: If you on this page simply because you want to know if JAMB allows the use of calculator then you are on the right page. This short article will provide you with the full information about the use of calculator during the JAMB examination.

The calculator is one of the tools you can use to overcome the challenges of passing calculation-based subjects while preparing for the JAMB UTME.
Using a calculator during the UTME will undoubtedly allay your worries if you’re an engineering or business student. Without the aid of calculators, it won’t be simple to get out of subjects like Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, and Physics.

JAMB Calculator [All You Need to Know]

However, be aware that JAMB forbids the use of calculators during the UTME.

How accurate is that? Does the board give the students calculators? Or maybe they won’t care if you pass or not because they don’t allow calculators? These questions will be answered below;

Does JAMB allow calculator?

JAMB does not allow the use of a calculator during the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or Direct Entry (DE) examination. Candidates are expected to perform calculations manually using pen and paper.

This is because JAMB aims to test the candidate’s reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as their knowledge of the subject matter. All questions in the UTME and DE exams are designed to be solvable using basic arithmetic and mathematical concepts.

Therefore, candidates are advised to practice mental calculations and improve their speed and accuracy in solving problems without a calculator. They should also ensure that they are familiar with the formulas and concepts required for their chosen subjects, so that they can solve problems efficiently and accurately during the examination.

Further Information about JAMB Calculator

Kindly be aware that calculators are still permitted in JAMB exams. However, it’s not the actual calculator you’re carrying around when you were writing WAEC or NECO.

Keep in mind that the UTME this time is computer-based Test (CBT). This means that you will be using computer to do your exams.

The board has integrated a simple on-screen calculator into its exam software to assist candidates who will be performing calculations. This JAMB On-screen calculator can only be used to solve simple calcuations. You should not expect much from this type of JAMB calculator because you may not even need it.

Wrapping Up JAMB Calculator

Now that you have you known that there is no use of advanced calculator in UTME, it is now very essential for you to improve you calculation skills. Ensure that you are familiar with the formulas and concepts required to solve any difficult problems.

That is all I can provide about JAMB calculator, if you have additinal information kindly drop it in the comment section.

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