What is the total resistance in the above diagram

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What is the total resistance in the above diagram

What is the total resistance in the above diagram

A. 5 ohms

B. 15 ohms

C. 25 ohms

D. 35 ohms

E. 45 ohms

Correct Answer: Option C


It is given that both the resistances R2 are connected in parallel R(parallel). Hence Total Resistance for the parallel is given by

1/R = 1/R2 + 1/R2

1/R = 1/10 + 1/10

1/R = 2/10

By further simplification it’ll be discovered that R(parallel)=5

Now, another look at the diagram and it’s given that a pair of resistances R1 are connected in series. Hence, Total resistance for series will be given as


R = 10+10

Therefore R(series) = 20

Recall that R(parallel) = 5

So Total resistance will be the summation of both resistances

Which leaves us with the final answer, 25

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