List of courses offered at ABU ZARIA

List of courses offered at ABU ZARIA

List of courses offered at ABU ZARIA

Do you want to learn more about the courses available at Ahmadu Bello University ABU Zaria? The ABU Zaria — Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest university – offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality undergraduate degree programs.

The official list of courses offered at Ahmadu Bello University ABU Zaria is available here. Take a look around and make your decision!


The following are the Ahmadu Bello University ABU Zaria list of approved courses by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

List of courses offered at ABU ZARIA

Complete List of courses offered at ABU Zaria – (ABU Zaria Regular undergraduate courses)

S/NNames of courses
1B. Agriculture
2B. Ed. Arabic Education
3B. Ed. Creative Art
4B. Ed. Economics Education
5B. Ed. Hausa Education
6B. Pharmacy
7B.A. Arabic
8B.A. Archeology
9B.A. Archeology/History
10B.A. English (Drama)
11B.A. English (Language)
12B.A. English (Literature)
13B.A. Fine Arts
14B.A. French
15B.A. Hausa
16B.A. History
17B.A. Industrial Design
18B.A. Local Government & Development Studies
19B.A. Theatre and Performing Arts
20B.Ed (Education Foundation and Curriculum)
21B.Ed (Education Psychology and Counselling)
22B.Ed. Biology Education
23B.Ed. Business Education
24B.Ed. Chemistry Education
25B.Ed. Christian Religious Studies
26B.Ed. Education Administration
27B.Ed. Geography Education
28B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling
29B.Ed. Home Economics
30B.Ed. Integrated Science
31B.Ed. Islamic Religious Studies
32B.Ed. Language Arts
33B.Ed. Mathematics Education
34B.Ed. Physical & Health Education
35B.Ed. Physics Education
36B.Ed. Science Education
37B.Ed. Social Studies
38B.Eng. Agicultural Engineering
39B.Eng. Automotive Engineering
40B.Eng. Chemical Engineering
41B.Eng. Civil Engineering
42B.Eng. Communications Engineering
43B.Eng. Computer Engineering
44B.Eng. Electrical Engineering
45B.Eng. Geomatic Engineering
46B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
47B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering
48B.Eng. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
49B.Eng. Water Resources & Environmental Engineering
50B.Sc (Ed) Computer Science Education
51B.Sc Physics
52B.Sc. Accounting
53B.Sc. Agricultural Extension
54B.Sc. Architecture
55B.Sc. Biochemistry
56B.Sc. Biological Science
57B.Sc. Botany
58B.Sc. Building
59B.Sc. Business Administration
60B.Sc. Chemistry
61B.Sc. Computer Science
62B.Sc. Economics
63B.Sc. Ed. Agriculture Education
64B.Sc. Fisheries and Aquaculture
65B.Sc. Forestry and Wildlife
66B.Sc. Geography
67B.Sc. Geology
68B.Sc. Geomatics
69B.Sc. Glass Technology
70B.Sc. Human Anatomy
71B.Sc. Human Physiology
72B.Sc. Insurance
73B.Sc. International Studies
74B.Sc. Land Surveying
75B.Sc. Mass Communication
76B.Sc. Mathematics
77B.Sc. Mathematics with Computer Science
78B.Sc. Microbiology
79B.Sc. Nursing Science
80B.Sc. Political Science
81B.Sc. Polymer & Textile Science
82B.Sc. Public Administration
83B.Sc. Quantity Surveying
84B.Sc. Sociology
85B.Sc. Statistics
86B.Sc. Textile Science & Technology
87B.Sc. Urban & Regional Planning
88B.Sc. Zoology
90BLIS (Bachelor of Library & Information Science)
92LLB Civil Law
93LLB With Specialization in Islamic Law

List of courses offered at ABU ZARIA

Complete List of courses offered at ABU Zaria – Long Vacation Term (LVT) undergraduate Courses

1B. Ed. Adult Education (LVT)
2B. Ed. Arabic Education (LVT)
3B. Ed. Biology Education (LVT)
4B. Ed. Chemistry Education (LVT)
5B. Ed. Christian Religious Studies (LVT)
6B. Ed. Education Administration (LVT)
7B. Ed. Geography Education (LVT)
8B. Ed. Hausa Education (LVT)
9B. Ed. Home Economics (LVT)
10B. Ed. Integrated Science (LVT)
11B. Ed. Islamic Religious Studies (LVT)
12B. Ed. Mathematics Education (LVT)
13B. Ed. Physical and Health Education (LVT)
14B. Ed. Physics Education (LVT)
15B. Ed. Social Studies (LVT)
16B.A(.ED) English (LVT)
17B.Ed Computer Science Education (LVT)
18B.ED Language Arts (LVT)
19B.Ed. Business Education (LVT)
20B.Ed. Guidance and Counseling (LVT)
21B.Sc. Agric. Education (LVT)
22BLIS (Bachelor of Library

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