Nasims Portal Login Batch A,B,C – How To Login My Npower Dashboard

Nasims Portal 2024 – The login link to your Npower Dashboard batch A,B,C in this blog post we will give you insightful information about the new Nasims portal for 2024.

The NASIMS portal is an online platform that has been designed by the Nigerian government to streamline the process of managing human resources for various government agencies. The portal provides a variety of features, including onboarding, deployment, monitoring, and evaluation, and it is essential for candidates who have applied for various programs offered by the government.

The Nasim portal for 2024 batch A,B,C is now open for you to be able to write your Npower test online, this Nasims gov ng portal was created for Npower batch A,B,C to make their online assessment test more easy.

For Batch C who want to write an online test visit the Npower login dashboard for online assessment test here and for the other batch you can visit this website here and login with your ID & password.

Nasims portal
How to login nasims portal

How To Login Nasims Portal

Nasims portal is real only if you know how to login to the Npower Dashboards, most people find it challenging to login on the right Nasims portal, the process on how to login Nasims portal below will make you know more about it.

For you to login Nasims portal successfully make sure your fingerprint biometric device is connected first before you follow the procedure below;

  • Visit
  • Connect your biometric device to verify it is you
  • Click “verification” tab on your dashboard.
  • download and install an enrollment application by selecting the “capture your fingerprint” option.
  • After installation, input your necessary details like ID & Password.
  • Click Proceed 
  • Click “Begin Enrolment” 
  • click on the finger to start enrollment procedure
  • For successful enrollment, applicants must only enroll their right thumb, right index, left thumb, and left index fingers.
  • Click “Submit”.


What is NASIMS portal 2024?

NASIMS portal 2024 is an online platform develop by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) in Nigeria. It is design to facilitate the administration and monitoring of social investment programs such as the N-Power program.

 What is the N-Power program?

The N-Power program is a social investment program of the Nigerian government aim at providing employment opportunities for young graduates and non-graduates.

Who can access the NASIMS portal 2024?

The NASIMS portal 2024 is accessible to all Nigerian citizens who have applied for or are beneficiaries of the N-Power program.

What services are available on the NASIMS portal 2024?

The NASIMS portal 2024 provides a range of services including application management, verification, selection, and deployment of beneficiaries, as well as monitoring and evaluation of the N-Power program.

How do I access the NASIMS portal 2024?

You can access the NASIMS portal 2024 by visiting the official website at

Can I apply for the N-Power program on the NASIMS portal 2024?

Yes, you can apply for the N-Power program on the NASIMS portal 2024. However, the application process is currently close and will be open when the government announces it.

How can I check my N-Power status on the NASIMS portal 2024?

You can check your N-Power status on the NASIMS portal 2024 by logging into your account and navigating to the “Verification” tab.

What should I do if I encounter issues accessing the NASIMS portal 2024?

If you encounter any issues accessing the NASIMS portal 2024, you can contact the NASIMS support team through the contact form on the website or by calling their support line.


In conclusion, the Nasims portal is a commendable initiative by the Nigerian government, and its success will largely depend on how well it is manage and how effectively it addresses the needs of Nigerian youths. It is a promising tool for promoting transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the administration of the N-Power program, and hopefully, it will serve as a model for similar programs in other countries.

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