NDU Cut Off Mark 2024/2025 [JAMB & DEPARTMENTAL]

NDU Cut Off Mark 2024/2025 [JAMB & DEPARTMENTAL]

Niger Delta University NDU Cut Off Mark, NDU Post UTME Cut Off Mark, NDU Cut Off Mark for all courses, NDU Jamb and Departmental Cut Off Mark for the 2024/2025 Academic Session.

Hello Friend! Today, we are going to be looking at the Niger Delta University NDU Cut Off Mark for the 2024/2025 academic session.

I’ll advise you not to skip any part of this post as every single section of this post is essential for you to know in order to become a bonafide student of the great Niger Delta University NDU.

Why is the need to know the Cut Off Mark of the school you are aspiring to study in? This is where most candidates begin to fail because they don’t know the requirements for the course they are aspiring to study in and that will make them prepare less for the exams. 

Take for instance a student who wants to study an engineering course but he or she doesn’t know the Cut Off mark for the course, I mean how will he/she know how much he/she needs to prepare for the exam in order to beat the Cut Off Mark as you all know that before one can gain admission into any Universities in Nigeria or any higher institution in Nigeria you must at the very least be able to score the exact Cut Off Mark for Jamb and your department Cut Off Mark or above the exact Cut Off Mark. That is the first criteria.

NDU Cut Off Mark 2024/2025 for All Courses

This is to inform the general public that the authority of the Niger Delta University NDU has released the Cut Off Mark for both general and departmental Cut Off Mark for the 2024/2025 academic session. 

So many questions are being asked by the aspirants of the Niger Delta University NDU online every day. Among the questions are:

  • What is the NDU Cut Off Mark for medicine and surgery for the 2024/2025 academic session
  • What is the NDU Cut Off Mark for nursing for the 2024/2025 academic session
  • Jamb Cut Off Mark 
  • NDU General and Cut Off Mark for 2024/2025
  • What is the NDU Cut Off Mark for all courses for the 2024/2025 academic session and others.

If you are among those who are asking these questions, you are not alone and well you’ve found the right place to get your answer. TEEZAB will always give you the best information!

Without much further Ado, let’s move down to the Niger Delta University NDU Cut Off mark for the 2024/2025 academic session but before we go there, let’s quickly take a look at the meaning of the Cut Off mark and the difference between NDU general Cut Off mark and Departmental Cut Off Mark 2024/2025.

NDU Cut Off mark 2024/2025 [JAMB & Departmental]

Meaning of Cut Off Mark

What does the term “Cut Off mark” mean? A Cut Off mark is a score established by a specific institution as a criterion for admitting students to a particular department of study. This score is usually accredited to candidates based on their performance in a particular examination. However, students who have scored pretty much above the required Cut Off mark will be given admission and preferentially treated in the admission process above those who just scored the exact Cut Off mark.

Niger Delta University General Cut Off Mark 2024/2025

This is the minimum score that a student must achieve to be admitted to a school. If your score falls below a school’s Cut Off mark, you won’t be able to register for their Post-UTME, which means you won’t be admitted to that school.

Each school is free to set its own Cut Off Mark. They are, however, unable to impose a Cut Off mark lower than the JAMB minimum.

Niger Delta University Departmental Cut Off Mark 2024/2025

The departmental Cut Off mark is the minimum score required for admission to a school’s course or department. The more competitive the course, the higher the Cut Off Mark. Every year, each university sets a Cut Off mark for all courses. Some departments publish their departmental Cut Off marks, whereas others do not.

Niger Delta University Cut Off mark 2024/2025 [Jamb & Departmental]

Candidates/Prospective students are hereby advised to check the Cut Off mark before proceeding to apply for the Niger Delta University Post-UTME Screening Form. See the full details below.

NDU General Cut Off Mark 2024/2025

For the 2024/2025 academic session, the general Cut Off Mark for all courses at the Niger Delta University NDU is 180 for Degree Programmes.

So, every candidate who chose NDU in their last Jamb is expected to score a minimum of 180 to be eligible to apply for the post utme form and have a chance to qualify for admission. Failure to score 180 is an automatic disqualification.

NDU Departmental Cut Off mark 2024/2025

You should note that not all Universities make their Departmental Cut off mark known to the public! However, we’ve provided a guide for you! Note that this is not the official NDU Departmental cut off mark! It is just a guide to help you have an insight as to what to expect!

  • Accountancy / Finance / Accounting – 230
  • Adult and Community Education – 180
  • Agricultural and Environmental Engineering – 220
  • Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology – 180
  • Agricultural Science and Education – 180
  • Agricultural Technology – 180
  • Agriculture – 180
  • Architecture – 220
  • Banking and Finance – 210
  • Biochemistry – 200
  • Biological Science(s) – 180
  • Biology – 180
  • Building – 190
  • Business Administration / Marketing – 180
  • Business Administration and Management – 180
  • Business Education – 180
  • Chemical / Petrochemical Engineering – 220
  • Chemical Engineering Technology – 220
  • Chemistry – 180
  • Civil Engineering – 220
  • Crop Production Technology – 180
  • Curriculum and Instruction – 180
  • Economics – 180
  • Education and Biology – 180
  • Education and Chemistry – 180
  • Education and Economics – 180
  • Education and English Language – 180
  • Education and French – 180
  • Education and Geography – 180
  • Education and History – 180
  • Education and Integrated Science – 180
  • Education and Mathematics – 180
  • Education and Political Science – 180
  • Education and Religious Studies – 180
  • Education and Science – 180
  • Education and Social Science – 180
  • Education and Social Studies – 180
  • Education Arts – 180
  • Educational Foundation – 180
  • Educational Management – 180
  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering – 220
  • Electrical Engineering – 220
  • English and Literary Studies – 180
  • Environmental Management – 200
  • Fisheries – 180
  • Fisheries Technology – 180
  • Geography – 180
  • Geology – 180
  • Guidance and Counseling – 180
  • Health Education – 180
  • History and Diplomacy – 180
  • Human Anatomy – 180
  • Human Kinetics – 180
  • Human Physiology – 180
  • Industrial Education Technology – 180 
  • Insurance – 180
  • Law – 250
  • Library and Information Science – 200
  • Livestock Production Technology – 180
  • Marine Engineering – 220
  • Marketing – 200
  • Mass Communication – 230
  • Mathematics / Computer Science – 190
  • Mechanical Engineering – 220
  • Medical Laboratory Science – 180
  • Medicine and Surgery – 270
  • Microbiology – 190
  • Nursing / Nursing Science – 250
  • Office And Information Management – 180
  • Petroleum Engineering – 220
  • Pharmacy – 250
  • Philosophy – 180
  • Physics – 180
  • Physics with Electronics – 190
  • Political Science – 210
  • Pure / Applied Chemistry – 180
  • Quantity Surveying – 200
  • Religious Studies – 180
  • Sociology and Anthropology – 180
  • Technical Education – 180
  • Theatre Arts – 180
  • Urban and Regional Planning – 180
  • Vocational and Technical Education – 180
  • Vocational Industrial Education – 180
  • Zoology – 180
  • Fine and Applied Arts – 180

Note: This is not the official NDU departmental cut off mark, This is just to guide you on what to expect! The Cut Off mark varies depending on the performance of candidates who applied to study in the school for that year.

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