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Are you looking for the Nigeria Postal/Zip code? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here, you will find the Nigeria Postal Code for all 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory.

Nigeria Postal Code 2024

Oftentimes, you are required to enter the postal code of your location when filling out an online form! The major reason they ask for the postal code of your area is that it helps to determine and confirm your location and also it helps with mail sorting and with determining the postage due for packages.

So, people searching for Nigeria Postal/zip Code can be of three categories;

  1. Those who don’t know what postal code means 
  2. Those who know what postal code means but they don’t know the code for their location and lastly,
  3. Those who know what postal code means and also know the code for their location but are unsure and need to check for certainty!

Now, no matter which category you belong to, you are definitely going to find what you are looking for here on TEEZAB today! 

What is Postal Code?

A postal code is a series of letters, numbers, or both that are occasionally combined with spaces or punctuation and are part of a postal address in order to help sort mail. 

Note that, Postal Code is also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, postcode, PIN, or ZIP Code.

Okay, now that you know what postal code means. What does Nigeria Postal code mean?

What is Nigeria Postal Code?

Nigeria postal codes are numeric and have a total of six digits. The nine regions that make up the first digit of the code are determined by NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service. The dispatch district for outgoing sorting is determined by adding the second and third digits to the first. The delivery address is represented by the last three digits. Any post office location, a rural area, or an urban area can be a delivery place.

Okay, I hope you understand what the Nigeria Postal Code means now!!

Now, there is this particular question people ask oftentimes. The question is “is the Postal code the same as the Zip code?” Now, let me shed light on this question for you!

Is the postal code the same as the zip code?

Okay, I will make this short and concise. Remember, when I was talking about what postal code means, I wrote Note that…, you remember? 

Note that, Postal Code is also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, postcode, PIN, or ZIP Code.

The simple answer to this question that has been troubling for some while now is that Postal Code and Zip Code are the same thing! They both mean the same thing and serve the same purpose! 

However, the term Zip Code is commonly used in the United States while Postal Code is commonly used in other countries, Nigeria included. 

Do you get that? Okay, great!

Now that we are done with that, let’s move the Nigeria Postal Code for all 36 States and the FCT.

List of Nigeria Postal/Zip Codes for all 36 States and FCT

Below is the list of postal/zip code for all the states in Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Note: You can click on the state to know the exact or close postal/zip code for your location.

1Abia State Postal Code440001
2Adamawa State Postal Code640001
3Akwa Ibom State Postal Code520001
4Anambra State Postal Code420001
5Bauchi State Postal Code740001
6Bayelsa State Postal Code561001
7Benue State Postal Code970001
8Borno State Postal Code600001
9Cross River State Postal Code540001
10Delta State Postal Code320001
11Ebonyi State Postal Code840001
12Edo State Postal Code300001
13Ekiti State Postal Code360001
14Enugu State Postal Code400001
15Gombe State Postal Code760001
16Imo State Postal Code460001
17Jigawa State Postal Code720001
18Kaduna State Postal Code700001
19Kano State Postal Code800001
20Katsina State Postal Code820001
21Kebbi State Postal Code860001
22Kogi State Postal Code260001
23Kwara State Postal Code240001
24Lagos State Postal Code100001
25Nasarawa State Postal Code962001
26Niger State Postal Code920001
27Ogun State Postal Code110001
28Ondo State Postal Code340001
29Osun State Postal Code230001
30Oyo State Postal Code200001
31Plateau State Postal Code930001
32Rivers State Postal Code500001
33Sokoto State Postal Code840001
34Taraba State Postal Code660001
35Yobe State Postal Code320001
36Zamfara State Postal Code880001
37Abuja Postal Code900001

FAQs on Nigeria Postal Code

Here are a few questions people ask about Nigeria Postal Code and short but concise answers to them.

What is Nigeria ZIP postal code?

These codes are equivalent to the ZIP codes used within the US. Nigeria postal code is 00176-0000. 

How do you fill out forms that ask for a ZIP code now? 

Simply enter 110001 or 23401 in the space provided for your ZIP code when filling out an online form. Any of the two should work!

Is 23401 The zip code for Nigeria?

Actually, 234 is the international dialing code for Nigerian phone numbers, not the country’s actual zip code. If you are asked to provide your zip code or postal code for Nigeria, you should use 110001, 23401, or 00176. Any of these codes would work. 

Does Lagos Nigeria have a ZIP Code?

Lagos Postal Codes are from 100001 to 112005. The capital of this state is Ikeja as NIPOST headquarters (Address: Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja).

How do you write a postal address in Nigeria?

The postal town name and the postal code must be separated by two spaces. In general, non-native language addresses will be written in English. The address frequently includes the name of the state. The abbreviation is  P.M.B.

Is postal code and PIN code same?

PIN code stands for Postal Index Number code. Also known as Zip code or area postal code, Pin code is the post office numbering code system used by the postal service of India, India Post. So, PIN code and postal code are the same in the sense that they serve the same purpose. 

With this post “Nigeria Postal/zip Code 2024 for all 36 States and FCT”, I think I am able to satisfy your search intent. 

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