UDUSOK School Fees 2024/2025 [Acceptance & Other Fees]

UDUSOK School Fees 2024/2025 [Acceptance & Other Fees]

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This is to inform the public that the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto UDUSOK Management has released the school fees schedule for the 2024/2025 academic session for the Freshers/New and Returning Students. As it is very important for candidates to know the Cut Off Mark for his/her course, so also it is very important to know the institution’s School Fees schedule.

Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto UDUSOK School Fee 2024/2025

The table below shows the detailed schedule of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto School fees for all courses offered at UDUSOK.

The School Fees schedule for the 2024/2025 academic session in the table shows the Fees payable for the new and returning students. Just take your time to study the table! But before we go to the table, this is for the freshers! Before you pay school fees you must first pay the acceptance fee.

UDUSOK Acceptance Fee 2024/2025

As a first-year student/fresher, you must pay an Acceptance fee to the institution whether it is a university or a polytechnic, or even college indicating that you have accepted the course.

If you have been offered admission into the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto UDUSOK, you will be required to pay an acceptance fee before any other fees. This fee has a deadline, and if you do not meet it, you are at risk of losing your admission.

So, the question now is: How much is the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto UDUSOK acceptance fee for the 2024/2025 academic session?

How Much is UDUSOK Acceptance Fee for the 2024/2025 Academic Session


The Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto UDUSOK acceptance fee for the 2024/2025 academic session is N7,000 (N5,000 for Acceptance Fee and N2,000 for Tertiary Health Insurance Program (TSHIP) fees.

Once you pay this UDUSOK acceptance fee, you will be required to pay other charges like school fees, accomodation fee and others, so get yourself prepared for all these miscellaneous expenses.

How much is Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto UDUSOK school fees for Freshers 2024/2025

B. AGRICULTURE41,700.0041,700.00
B. FISHERIES41,700.0041,700.00
B. FORESTRY41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. FRENCH41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. HISTORY41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES41,700.0041,700.00
B.A. LINGUISTICS41,700.0041,700.00
B. Sc. NURSING65,700.0065,700.00
B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY65,700.0065,700.00
B. DENTAL SURGERY65,700.0065,700.00
MEDICINE (MBBS)65,700.0065,700.00
NUTRITION & DIETETICS65,700.0065,700.00
B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)41,700.0041,700.00
B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)41,700.0046,700.00
B. Ed. (AGRIC EDUCATION)41,700.0046,700.00
B. Ed. (CURRICULUM STUDIES)41,700.0046,700.00
B. Ed. (EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT)41,700.0046,700.00
B. Ed. (GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING)51,700.0056,700.00
B. SC. Ed. (SOCIAL STUDIES)41,700.0046,700.00
B.A. Ed.. (ARABIC)41,700.0046,700.00
B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)41,700.0046,700.00
B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)41,700.0046,700.00
B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)41,700.0046,700.00
B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)41,700.0046,700.00
B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)41,700.0046,700.00
B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)41,700.0046,700.00
B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)41,700.0046,700.00
B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)41,700.0046,700.00
B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)41,700.0046,700.00
B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)41,700.0046,700.00
B. Tech (ICT)65,700.0070,700.00
B. Engineering (CIVIL)65,700.0070,700.00
B.Eng. (ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS)65,700.0070,700.00
B.Engineering (MECHANICAL)65,700.0070,700.00
LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW53,700.0053,700.00
B.Sc. ACCOUNTING51,700.0051,700.00
B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION41,700.0041,700.00
B. PHARMACY65,700.0065,700.00
B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. BIOLOGY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. BOTANY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE51,700.0051,700.00
B.Sc. GEOLOGY51,700.0051,700.00
B.Sc. MATHEMATICS41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. PHYSICS41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. STATISTICS41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. ZOOLOGY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. ECONOMICS41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE41,700.0041,700.00
B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY41,700.0041,700.00
DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)59,700.0059,700.00


Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

B. AGRICULTURE36,400.0036,400.0041,400.00
B. FISHERIES36,400.0036,400.0041,400.00
B. FORESTRY36,400.0036,400.0041,400.00
B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.A. FRENCH36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.A. HISTORY36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.A. LINGUISTICS36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B. Sc. NURSING60,400.0065,400.0065,400.00
B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY60,400.0060,400.0065,400.00
B. DENTAL SURGERY60,400.0060,400.0065,400.00
MEDICINE (MBBS)60,400.0060,400.0065,400.00
B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.A. Ed.. (ARABIC)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)41,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B. Tech (ICT)65,400.0060,400.0060,400.00
B.Eng (ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT)60,400.0065,400.0060,400.00
B. Engineering (CIVIL)65,400.0065,400.0060,400.00
B.Eng. (ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS)65,400.0070,400.0065,400.00
B.Engineering (MECHANICAL)65,400.0065,400.0060,400.00
LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW48,400.0048,400.0048,400.00
B.Sc. ACCOUNTING46,400.0046,400.0054,900.00
B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES60,400.0060,400.0060,400.00
B. PHARMACY60,400.0060,400.0065,400.00
B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. BIOLOGY36,400.0046,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. BOTANY41,400.0046,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE46,400.0051,400.0054,900.00
B.Sc. GEOLOGY51,400.0056,400.0054,900.00
B.Sc. MATHEMATICS36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. PHYSICS36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. STATISTICS36,400.0041,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. ZOOLOGY41,400.0046,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. ECONOMICS36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY36,400.0046,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY36,400.0036,400.0044,900.00
DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)54,400.0059,400.0054,400.00


Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

B. AGRICULTURE44,900.0036,400.00
B. FISHERIES44,900.0036,400.00
B. FORESTRY44,900.0036,400.00
B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. FRENCH36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. HISTORY36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. LINGUISTICS36,400.0036,400.00
B. Sc. NURSING68,900.0060,400.00
B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY68,900.0060,400.00
B. DENTAL SURGERY68,900.0060,400.00
MEDICINE (MBBS)60,400.0068,900.00
B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)36,400.0036,400.00
B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. Ed.. (ARABIC)36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)36,400.0036,400.00
B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)36,400.0036,400.00
B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)36,400.0036,400.00
B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)36,400.0036,400.00
B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)36,400.0036,400.00
B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)36,400.0036,400.00
B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)36,400.0036,400.00
B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)36,400.0036,400.00
LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW56,900.0048,400.00
B.Sc. ACCOUNTING46,400.00
B. PHARMACY68,900.00
B.Sc. BIOLOGY36,400.00
B.Sc. BOTANY36,400.00
B.Sc. GEOLOGY46,400.00
B.Sc. MATHEMATICS36,400.00
B.Sc. PHYSICS36,400.00
B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY36,400.00.
B.Sc. STATISTICS36,400.00
B.Sc. ZOOLOGY36,400.00
B.Sc. ECONOMICS36,400.00
B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY46,400.00
B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY36,400.00
DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)54,400.0062,900.00

How To Pay UDUSOK Acceptance Fees

Kindly Follow the UDUSOK admission acceptance fee payment procedures outlined below carefully:

  • Go to UDUSOK Admission Portal @ http://admissions.udusok.edu.ng and click on “Check Admission
  • Type your – JAMB Reg. No. in the space provided and click on Check Admission: If you are admitted, the system will display a congratulatory message containing the Program you are offered. You will be required to provide GSM No and E-mail address at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you provide valid information as your evidence of payment will be sent to the email address you provided.
  • Click on the button “Click to print payment invoice” to print your acceptance fee invoice. This will redirect you to the Remita website to generate and print the invoice. Note: You MUST print and pay the invoice before you can print your evidence of admission.
  • Go to any bank of your choice with your invoice and make payment and make sure you obtain the Remita receipt for your payment evidence.
  • The Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number on the receipt MUST match that of the Remita invoice.
  • Note: Make sure you keep your invoice and receipt safely. You need them as part of the documents required for confirmation.

It is important to note that ALL payments MUST be initiated from the portal.

UDUSOK Hostel Accommodation Fee 2022

The Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto hostel accommodation fee for the 2024/2025 academic session is N10,090.

How to Apply for UDUSOK Hostel Accommodation 2024/2025 

  • Visit hostel.udusok.edu.ng
  • Use your MIS student “Username” and “Password” to login
  • Click on the “Apply For Accommodation” button.
  • Verify the information on the form and click on Apply Button
  • at the bottom of the form
  • Click on “Print button” to print your Application Letter
  • Click on close and Logout

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