Glo WhatsApp Plan Code 2024 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sub

Glo WhatsApp Plan Code 2024 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sub: Have you ever come across the Glo WhatsApp plan, either by hearing about it or stumbling upon it online? Perhaps you didn’t pay much attention to it at the time.

It’s funny how we often overlook things until we need them.

I’m guessing you’re revisiting the concept now because you’re out of data but still want to continue those engaging chats with friends, colleagues, classmates, or neighbors.

At times, your budget might not allow for your regular data subscription. In such situations, the Glo WhatsApp plan can be your savior, enabling you to stay connected on WhatsApp with your loved ones.

Recognizing this need, I’ve put together this guide on how to purchase, activate, and utilize the Glo WhatsApp data plan. Ready to delve in? Let’s proceed!

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Glo WhatsApp Plan Code 2024 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sub

About Glo WhatsApp Plan

Glo’s WhatsApp plan is akin to the WhatsApp subscriptions offered by MTN and Airtel. It’s a service from the Glo network tailored specifically for WhatsApp usage by its customers.

This plan is designed to allow users to chat on WhatsApp without the constant worry of data depletion. That’s not to say your data won’t run out, but it will certainly last longer and provide a more enjoyable experience compared to standard plans.

However, there’s a distinction to be made when it comes to Glo’s WhatsApp offering. Unlike other networks that provide dedicated WhatsApp-only plans, Glo doesn’t have a data package exclusive to WhatsApp. Instead, to access their WhatsApp service, you’ll need to opt for the Glo social bundles.

These bundles are colloquially known as WTF bundles – which amusingly stands for WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. So, besides WhatsApp, you also have the opportunity to catch up on Twitter’s latest updates and engage with friends on Facebook.

So, how do you go about purchasing and activating the Glo WhatsApp plan?

How to buy Glo WhatsApp Plan

While purchasing and activating the Glo WhatsApp plan is straightforward, some users get puzzled over the distinction between “buying the WhatsApp plan on Glo” and the “Glo WhatsApp subscription code”. Essentially, it’s just a matter of phrasing; the underlying process is the same. Let’s break it down step by step to avoid any confusion.

Prerequisite: Ensure you have at least 25 Naira in your Glo line’s main balance.

Glo WTF Data Plan Subscription for 25 Naira:

  1. Dial *312#
  2. Select 1 – Data.
  3. Select 1 – Buy Data Plan.
  4. Choose between “1” for Auto-renew and “2” for One-Off.
  5. Select 6 – Social Bundles.
  6. Choose 1 – WTF (WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook) Bundles.
  7. Opt for 1 – N25 = 100MB 1Day. Voila! You’ve now subscribed to the 25 Naira Glo WTF plan.

For a 50 Naira WhatsApp Plan:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 as mentioned above.
  2. This time, choose 2 – N50 = 200MB 7Days. You’ve successfully activated the 50 Naira Glo WTF plan.

For a 100 Naira WhatsApp Plan:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 again.
  2. Now, select 3 – N100 = 500MB 30Days. Congratulations! You’ve now opted for the 100 Naira Glo WTF plan.

Using the Glo WhatsApp Subscription: It’s as easy as ABC. Once you’ve subscribed, simply activate your data connection, open WhatsApp on your mobile device, and start chatting.

Checking Your Glo WhatsApp Data Balance: Want to monitor your data usage? Dial *310#, and your remaining WhatsApp data balance will be shown on your screen.

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FAQs on Glo WhatsApp Plan Code 2024 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sub

What is Glo WhatsApp-Only Subscription Code?

To subscribe to Glo’s WhatsApp-only plan, dial *312#. Follow the prompts:

  1. Select 1 (Data)
  2. Select 1 (Buy Data Plan)
  3. Choose between 1 (Auto-renew) and 2 (One-Off)
  4. Select 6 (Social Bundles)
  5. Choose 1 (WTF Bundles)
  6. Finally, pick the specific bundle you wish to purchase.

Conclusion on Glo WhatsApp Plan Code 2024

Globacom stands out in Nigeria as the leading telecom provider for its unique data plans and bonuses, with the WhatsApp plan being no exception.

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With the information provided, you should be well-equipped to purchase, activate, and monitor the Glo WhatsApp data plan. Should you have further queries on this topic, we welcome them in the comments section below.

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