How to Check Heritage Bank Account Balance on Mobile Phone

Hi Reader! Do you know you can check your Heritage Bank account balance on your mobile phone without your ATM card? With the increase in the level of technology, banking is now made simple and stress-free. 

How to Check Heritage Bank Account Balance

There are so many things you can do on your Heritage Bank account with your phone but in this article, we will be focusing on how to use your mobile phone to check your account balance. 

You don’t have to go to the bank to check your account balance, you don’t have to go to a POS shop to check your account number, and you don’t have to go anywhere at all! All you need is your phone!!

Whether you are using a browsing phone or not, you can view your Heritage Bank account balance. Whether you have data or not, you can check your account balance. So, rest assured that here today, you will know how to check your account balance on Heritage Bank.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Here I will be taking you through two different ways to check your account balance on Heritage Bank. So, hold on while I break these down for you!

How to Check Account Balance on Heritage Bank

The following are the two reliable and easy ways to view your Heritage Bank account balance;

  1. By using USSD Code
  2. By using Heritage Bank mobile app

So, let me take them one after the other.

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How to Check Heritage Bank Account Balance Using USSD Code

The code to check Heritage Bank account balance is *745*0#.

Now, to check your account balance using USSD Code, follow the simple steps below;

  • If you are using the code for the first time, you will need to activate the Heritage Bank code first. So, dial *745*0# and follow the prompts. Once, you have successfully activated the code.
  • Simply dial *745*0# with the line linked with your Heritage Bank Account
  • Enter your PIN
  • Your Heritage Bank account balance will be displayed for you on your phone screen.

Simple, right?

The service works with MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9Mobile lines.

Now, onto how to check your account balance on Heritage Bank using the mobile banking app. This method will only cost you data. No service fee for this method.

How to Check Heritage Bank Account Balance Using the Mobile App

To check your account balance on Heritage Bank using the mobile application, follow the simple steps below;

  • Download the Heritage Bank Mobile App on Google play or Apple store.
  • Install and launch the app
  • If you are using it for the first time, you will need to register with some personal information. Just follow the process on the app.
  • After you have successfully registered, you can just log in and your account balance will be on your dashboard.

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About Heritage Bank

How to Check Heritage Bank Account Balance

Heritage Bank Plc., usually called Heritage Bank, is a financial services institution. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the country’s banking regulator, with a national operating license, that offers retail banking, corporate banking, online/internet banking, investment banking and asset management services; its head office is at 292B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

In 2012, the core investor, IEI Plc, through IEI Investments Limited, acquired the Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Having fulfilled all required criteria, the bank returned 100% of existing Societe Generale account holders’ money to their owners. Heritage Bank Plc is a large financial services provider in Nigeria. Currently licensed as a National Bank, it offers banking and financial services in the country, including the South, West, Southeast and the North. As of December 2015, the total asset valuation of the bank was estimated at US$1.7+ billion (NGN:483.4 billion). Its shareholders’ equity is worth at least US$88 million (NGN:25 billion), the minimum capital requirement by the Central Bank of Nigeria, for national banks.

The bank traces its roots to the late 1970s, when it was founded as Societe Generale Bank (Nigeria), by the late Dr. Olusola Saraki. In January 2006, the Central Bank closed down Societe Generale on account of failure to meet new minimum capital requirements of US$155 million (NGN:25 billion) for a National Bank. Societe Generale successfully challenged the closure in court. In December 2012, the Central Bank re-issued Societe Generale’s banking license, but as a regional bank. Having acquired the banking license, the new ownership re-branded the bank as Heritage Banking Company Limited and opened for business under the new name on 4 March 2013.

In October 2014, Heritage Banking Company Ltd successfully met the requirements of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) and the Central Bank of Nigeria toward owning 100% shares in Enterprise Bank Ltd.

On 27 January 2015, AMCON officially transferred ownership of Enterprise Bank Ltd to Heritage Bank Plc. You can read more here.

FAQs about the how to Check Heritage Bank Account Balance on Mobile Phone 2024-2024

What is Heritage Bank?

Heritage Bank is a customer-focused bank that offers a wide range of personal and business banking solutions. In line with the recent digital banking trend, Heritage Bank offers its customers the ability to check their account balances, transfer funds, and perform other banking transactions from the convenience of their mobile phones.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking refers to the use of a mobile device to carry out financial transactions. This could involve checking your account balance, transferring funds, paying bills, and more. With Heritage Bank’s mobile banking feature, customers can perform these transactions on-the-go, without needing to visit a physical bank branch.

How can I register for Mobile Banking with Heritage Bank?

Registration for Heritage Bank mobile banking can usually be done through their mobile app or website. After downloading the app, follow the prompts to register, making sure to have your account details on hand. If you run into any issues, contact Heritage Bank’s customer service for assistance.

How do I check my account balance on my mobile phone?

After you’ve registered for mobile banking with Heritage Bank, you can check your account balance by logging into your account via the app or the bank’s mobile website. Once logged in, navigate to your account summary or dashboard, where you’ll typically see your account balance displayed.

Can I check my Heritage Bank account balance without an Internet connection?

Yes, Heritage Bank allows customers to check their account balances without an internet connection. This can be done through the USSD code service. Simply dial the specific USSD code “*745*0#” provided by Heritage Bank, follow the prompts, and your account balance will be displayed on your screen or sent to you via SMS.

Is it safe to check my account balance on my mobile phone?

Yes, it is generally safe to check your account balance on your mobile phone as long as you take certain precautions. Always make sure you’re using a secure internet connection and not public Wi-Fi. Also, be sure not to share your login details with anyone and to log out of your account when you’re finished checking your balance.

What should I do if I can’t access my account or see my balance?

If you’re having trouble accessing your account or seeing your balance, there may be a few different issues at play. It could be due to technical difficulties with the bank’s website or app, a problem with your internet connection, or a problem with your account. If you’re having issues, it’s recommended to go to Heritage Bank’s customer service for assistance. They can help you troubleshoot the problem and access your account information.

What other services can I access with Heritage Bank Mobile Banking?

In addition to checking your account balance, with Heritage Bank’s mobile banking you can also pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, view your transaction history, set up alerts for account activity, and more. This means you can handle almost all of your regular banking needs right from your mobile device.

Are there any fees associated with checking my balance or using Mobile Banking?

Most banks, including Heritage Bank, do not charge fees for simply checking your balance via mobile banking. However, certain other transactions, such as money transfers or overseas transactions, may incur fees. Be sure to review Heritage Bank’s fee schedule or contact their customer service for specific information.

Do I need a specific type of phone to use Mobile Banking?

Generally, you should be able to access mobile banking with any smartphone that has internet capability. Heritage Bank’s mobile app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. However, if you have a feature phone, you can use the USSD service for basic banking transactions.

With this post, I am confident that I have satisfied your search intent but if by any chance you have a question, kindly leave us a comment.

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