The activity of a radioactive substance depends on

JAMB 1980

The activity of a radioactive substance depends on

A. temperature and purity

B. temperature and age

C. purity and age

D. age, purity and temperature

E. none of the above

Correct Answer: Option C


Physical factors like temperature and pressure does not have direct influence on radioactivity, this is because radioactivity involves sub-atomic decay which most times involves the reaction of the nucleus, unlike chemical reactions which involves the exchange or share of external electrons.

Option B is correct because the purity of a substance can influence the rate of nuclear decay, also, the age of this substance can also influence the current rate of decay.

The purity of a substance can influence is rate of nuclear decay, the purer a substance, the clearer the rate of nuclear decay.

As the age of a radioactive substance increases, its nuclear decay rate reduces in order to maintain a constant half-life.

Other options are wrong because they contain temperature, which is an external factors.

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